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“As Time Goes By” – Mary Higgins Clark

3.6 out of 4 stars.

Can you believe this is my first Mary Higgins Clark read?! I must have been sleeping under a rock! Most of the reviews I have read said that this is not her best work which makes me itch to read her first couple of releases and compare. I am going to add them to my list. However, I do think we should be a little easy on her – she is almost 90 years old and still has got something to make you talk about! Bravo Mary.

In this book we are introduced to the news reporter named Delaney who has been assigned a case for the 6 o’clock news. It is a good one – a supposed wife murdering her ailing husband for money and to continue her affair. Normally Delaney would be all over it but lately she keeps thinking of who her birth mother could be. Although she loves her parents and had a wonderful childhood, lately she just cannot shake the urge to start researching. The two-story lines run parallel throughout and at the end we have two crazy verdicts. Did the wife, Betsy Grant, murder her husband? Does Delaney have a living mother and would she want to meet her? Read and find out!

Although this is a murder mystery of betrayal and broken friendships, Mary Higgins Clark makes it feel not scary or violent. Instead the characters are all relatable and are described as people one would find walking down the street. A good down home suspense thriller that I would feel comfortable even reading to my children at bedtime. Ok, ok, maybe more like young adult but still. In this day and age of grotesque violence and awful crime, Mary Higgins Clark makes even her dangerous community setting seem not so bad.

A fun and refreshing read for the summer. I have no feedback but took off points just because it was predictable at some parts. All in all I am now a fan of Ms. Higgins Clark. Are any of you?

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