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“Behind Her Eyes” – Sarah Pinborough

4 out of 4 stars.

“Looking for another book as captivating as Gone Girl? Look no further!”

Louise is a mess. She just found out her ex-husband is having a baby with his new girlfriend, she has a bit of a drinking problem, and she accidentally kissed her new-to-town boss, David (who also is married). The reader instantly wants her to get her act together because the first few chapters are second-hand embarrassment for her. The only good thing she has is her son, Adam. Thank goodness for him.

One day as Louise is off from work and slugging around town she turns a corner and bumps into this beautiful woman named Adele. She quickly realizes that this model standing in front of her is the same woman her boss, David, introduced as his wife at his job orientation the day prior. Talk about awkward! She now has to be face to face with the lady she just dissed by kissing her husband a mere week ago.

One would assume that since Louise can’t avoid David since she works with him that the best she could do to ditch this love triangle is to stay away from Adele at all costs. Only problem? Adele and Louise instantly become friends and start spending a lot of time together. Adele makes Louise feel like she is important and isn’t the trainwreck everyone else sees her as. Adele begs that Louise doesn’t tell David about their friendship. The first hint that something is not right in this “picture perfect” marriage. Only followed by a lot more clues..

The book starts off with a few sentences leading the reader to believe that there had been a murder at some point involving one of these characters. With about only 50 pages left to go of reading I was POSITIVE I had who done it nailed but I was way wrong. Which isn’t very hard, I also never guess the Dateline murderer either. However, this time I swore I had it all figured out.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to get back on to my feet and feel more like myself after my mother’s passing. The last book I read and reviewed was very heavy but was good for me emotionally. This story, Behind Her Eyes, almost helped just as much in its own way even though it is by no means a deeply under the surface book. The reason for it is because it had my heart pumping and feeling energized by something again. I love reading and this type of suspense thriller is exactly why I love it. It enables you to forget about your situation for a minute and GRABS you into a whole other world.

Highly recommend for anyone else that likes to be kept on your toes!




One thought on ““Behind Her Eyes” – Sarah Pinborough

  1. Mary Giudici says:

    Hey Esme – your review encouraged me to read this book.  I just finished – I love this type of suspense story.  Keep up the great reviews!  Aunt Mary


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