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“Jonathan Unleashed” – Meg Rosoff

3.0 out of 4 stars.

A marked adult fiction book that would resonate better with the young adult readers.

Jonathan Trefoil is a young man down on his luck. He is at a job that he doesn’t like and has a crazy boss, a girlfriend whom he thinks he likes but fantasizes about other women daily, and finally is renting an apartment from someone he believes is in prison. Overall, not an ideal situation. Fortunately, Jonathan’s brother has two adorable dogs named Dante (border collie) and Sissy (Spaniel) that he requested Jonathan babysits while he is away on work. They are the loves of his life and he begins to manage his day to day around them to try and gain happiness for the both of them. Of course, this doesn’t come easy to just do a 180 degree turn from his normal set-up so the road is bumpy.

A light and joyful coming of age book for a person that just wants to get on the straight and narrow. I would highly recommend for any of the younger readers that would get a good laugh from these hijinks. However, I gave it a lower score because Jonathan’s actions and mind did not seem as mature as it should be at a mid 20s level. His character did not add up correctly to me. I am 29 years old and I would never be running around town with a lack of responsibility to that degree nor would of I 5 years ago. I think I am a little critical of this one because it should of involved all the things I liked from the package it was presented in; dogs, humor, and a lesson in the end. Unfortunately, I would of liked the dogs to be involved more, the humor was unpractical, and the end result was based on luck rather than a meaningful path taken.

All in all, I would get this for a high school student as a recommendation and there is nothing wrong with that!

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