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“Following Atticus” by Tom Ryan

3.75 out of 4 stars.

“20 pounds never looked so strong!”

Tom Ryan loved his routine in Newburyport, MA. He ran his own local newspaper called the “Undertoad”, was familiar with all the residents, and would take his schnauzer, Atticus, to the nearby beautiful Plum Island during his free time. However, once his good friend passed away, he decided life is too short and he needed to shake things up a bit. Oddly enough, he chose to hike all 48 mountains in New Hampshire, twice (!) in one winter to show his dedication to his dear companion. This was surprising because Tom was scared of heights, overweight, and his little dog was only 20 pounds. A very unlikely feat to accomplish with these factors working against you, not to mention you throw mother nature in there to boot!

“Following Atticus” is for anyone who loves dogs, the wild, and friendship. All my personal favorites. Tom Ryan not only looked at Atticus M. Finch as a sidekick but also a source of inspiration. Any time he felt like the terrain of life and/or the mountain was too rough he would like at his four legged friend continuing to battle and he was able to push through himself. I mean, Atticus had to even wear little snow booties that is how much his breed isn’t used to these obstacles. He really persevered!

As I always mention, I have been dealing with loss myself and I know what is like to hold a responsibility to honor that person. I can only imagine how incredibly excruciating it must of been to have icy, lonely, and dangerous days that he simply couldn’t give up on and turn back around to his comforts. Tom Ryan and Atticus M Finch did something for someone else that was very special and in the process they accomplished true internal growth.



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