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“One Day We’ll Be All Dead and None of This Will Matter” by Scaachi Koul

3.5 out of 4 stars.

A debut compilation of essays based on Scaachi Koul’s life growing up in Canada as an Indian woman. The stories ranged from growing up in grade school and worrying about physical appearances to attending a seven day Indian wedding and seeing how stuck in the past her culture is with women’s rights. The tone of voice is going back and forth from knowingly dramatic and humorous to very serious as well as intelligent. Due to that observation, I couldn’t help shaking off that Scaachi is a newly budding Mindy Kaling.


The subject matter is very contemporary and young. I would not recommend this book to anyone that does not like inappropriate topics and is sensitive to a little bit of brass honesty. I, myself, sometimes get a little uncomfortable around it and I am twenty-nine. Since I love shorter books and layouts that are in essay format because every “chapter” is like a new book, I thought the set up was perfect for the points she wanted to get across. I fear if this memoir was any longer or had more essays, it would range on a little bit of a “whiney” feel. I loved the activism, feminism, and complex issues while also laughing at the insecure and shallow references of growing up different while trying to pick up boys. However, any more material may seem a little too abrasive and may start to feel uncomfortable reading. It is important to make a point but also not to make the reader feel like it is troubling to hear the message. For the obvious reason that the people that picked this book up do want to learn and are paid supporters of being educated but also do not want to feel disconnected with the author due to an underlining “you vs. me” attitude. I commend Scaachi for being able to complete a balancing act between the two because it is very difficult.

Overall it is funny but not beach read, be expected to learn a thing or two!

I took off points because it was a little crude at points and the funny messages were a little too intimate. That may just be me!


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