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“Small Admissions” by Amy Poeppel

3.5 out of 4 stars.

100% a guilty pleasure book.

Kate Pearson is a nut case. She had her life all set up for her but even though she is an intellect she fell for a sleazy French chump and threw it all away to run away with him to Paris. Unfortunately, he dumped her right as she got there. The consequence was months of Kate laying on the couch watching junk television and feeling sorry for herself. The French dummy just so happened to be her best friend’s, Chloe, cousin so naturally she blamed herself for being related to him and decided to help at all costs to get Kate back on her feet. Right there with her was Kate’s sister, Angela, who is a nut case in her own way. It must run in the genes. The only person not helping? Victoria, the third in the friendship triangle from college. Apparently she always had feelings for the Frenchie so she felt no remorse.

Turns out the answer was for Kate to get back into the workforce. However, she decided to make a career change and go into the school system at Hudson Day School. She has absolutely no training but the last person who held the spot quit due to him losing a child during a tour so the boss was desperate. There, she meets the craziest parents and children that are all fighting to get admitted into this type of private education. Despite the school leading to absolutely wacky situations it was actually therapeutic for Kate to take back control and hold her ground when these lunatics rattled her.

A humorous light read that would be a great addition to your summer reading. I finished it in one day. I took off points because at times it was just a little too wild but all in all I do fully believe these crazy things happen with the admissions departments especially in waspy New York City so that in itself is fascinating.

I would compare this author’s writing style to that of Curtis Sittenfeld. I never read “Prep” but I did read “Eligible” and the tone is that same light hearted cooky-ness.


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