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“The Other Alcott” by Elise Hooper

3.6 out of 4 stars.

Like “Little Women”?  Then you will be obsessed with this one!

The black sheep of “Little Women” was Amy March, the sister that was always in Jo March’s shadow. The author of “The Other Alcott”, Elise Hooper, had a brilliant idea and that was to write a book from perspective of May Alcott (whom Amy was based on) and see her perspective on things.

Honestly, I remember reading about Amy March when I read “Little Women” and thinking she lacked appeal as well. She seemed self centered, materialistic, and whiney. The goal of the family was to stick together but Amy chose to live her own life. Up to debate of what is right. After hearing about Elise Hooper’s book I thought that this was the perfect redemption song for a kid sister to prove why she lived the way she did.

Unfortunately, this book doesn’t come out until first week in September but I wanted to write the post as soon as possible because if you are like me you should refresh on “Little Women” before reading this. That may take a little time so you will be in perfect shape for the release date. The incredible research that Elise Hooper must of done to write this point of view from Amy may be not as appreciated if you don’t re-read the classic first.

However, if you are not a “Little Women” fan then you can still love this book as a stand alone because the scenery and outfits described from this time period are magnificent on their own.



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