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“The Sisters Chase” by Sarah Healy

3.5 out of 4 stars.

Never heard a story like this before.

Mary and Hannah (nicknamed Bunny) Chase are sisters. Same mother but different fathers with a 14 year age gap between the two. Mary is the outspoken wild child while Hannah is more  of the reserved and pensive one. They live with their mother, Diane, at the Motel that they all run. The establishment has seen better days and it isn’t bringing in enough money for the three of them to NOT constantly be troubled with finances. Things seem rocky at the seaside business and it only gets worse when Diane dies in a tragic car accident. It was as sudden as it sounds. Mary is left to sell the motel and pack up her and Bunny’s things to head out for a new home. An 18 year old a 4 year old! What bravery.

The reader soon finds out that Mary has a lot of secrets. Ones that she doesn’t even tell her best friend, Hannah. I am dying to tell you them but it will spoil the whole book! A very fast read and one that actually pulled at my heart strings with the two’s close bond. A very big “us against the universe” motto of two sisters that have a lot of fight in them. If you have a sister I would imagine that you would understand how tough this journey may of been and if you do not have a sister (like me) you will envy all the speed bumps they endure and have each other as support. The reason I had never heard of a story like this before is a mixture of the huge twists this book takes but also that it is such a suspense thriller with a deep emotional aspect. Very interesting combination.

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