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“The Weight of Lies” by Emily Carpenter

3.75 out of 4 stars.

If this was my real life, I would rather live in a fictional tale.

Imagine having your own mother become rich due to the success of a murder mystery book she wrote that was somewhat based on real life events. I am sure plenty of people wonder how Stephen King’s family can enjoy a trip in the sunshine knowing he thought of such dark ideas on his own. The two compare because what is a more ideal scenario? Having a true dark past or making these thoughts up out of thin air.

Megan Ashley, the daughter of this particular author (Frances Ashley), has always wondered in regards to “Kitten” the series that is at question whether or not her crazy mom was just a fabricator or was hiding some dark secrets.  She never had the time to ask because the two were estranged for quite some time. Mostly due to Frances being self absorbed and Megan too busy partying and living the rich life to really care until their relationship was virtually nothing.

The rest unfolds a trip to Bonny Island, Georgia, the scene of the supposed crime of the book, “Kitten”. Megan wants to finally get to the bottom of what really happened the summer that her mother Frances spent there and if her books are fact or fiction. The answers slowly start to come out and they are far worse than what the book described.

A quick read that was definitely a page turner. My favorite part was the southern ethnicity of who owned the land and a play on the belief system of rights, it made the plot very different than other mysteries I have read.

I recommend if you want to take a chance on something zany but heart pounding. Bear in mind that you have to take your time while quickly flipping because there is a lot of wild events you do not want to miss out on.

I was given an advanced copy of this book but my review is all my true thoughts. If you liked what you read I would pre-order this one for the June release (only a week away!)

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