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“True Crime Addict” – James Renner

3.75 out of 4 stars.

The crime reporter/author of this book and determined he had serial killer-like instincts. If that doesn’t intrigue you than I do not know what will!

James Renner takes being interested in true crime to the next level. It all began when he was only eleven years old and became obsessed with a picture of a missing girl that was posted all over his town. Her name was Amy. His overwhelming passion for this case made him dig deeper and deeper each and every day in the evidence. Through his dedication of research and creativity to thinking outside the box throughout the years, Renner became very well known in his craft of crime reporting and it all ode thanks to Amy. Unfortunately, with that success came an unbearable residual stress of becoming so intwined with  such a dark case that Renner went a little mad. He eventually had to seek therapy and medication. Although James Renner seems born for this occupation, his body and mind is saying otherwise. He went through a brief hiatus before becoming fascinated by another case of a missing girl, Maura Murray. A UMASS college student that disappears in New Hampshire. Renner decides that this almost cold case needs another look by his own set of eyes.

A true story that is spectacular. I absolutely love true crime and I adore that this story isn’t violent, gruesome, or an obvious answer like a jealous husband. In this case, some believe Maura Murray simply picked up and left her old life behind to find greener pastures. Crazy how people that you see everyday can create a new adventure in the blink of an eye.

A MUST, MUST, MUST if you are interested in this stuff. Very well written and spoken from someone who knows what it is like to go down an unchartered path.

It doesn’t hurt that I am from Massachusetts and have heard of Maura Murray before learning about this book but truly interesting from no matter where you are from.


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