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“Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes

3.75 out of 4 stars.

If you like any (or all) of these 3 thing things: Italy, food, and/or breathtaking landscapes than you will love this book.

Frances Mayes introduces the reader to a time period in her life that is quite magical, the summers she spent in Tuscany, Italy. I can almost taste the food she describes and feel the warm air that cycles through her incredible scenery in which the villa resides on. It is quite a wonderful combination.

The writing and the descriptions made me feel like I was on a cloud while reading this. I am glad I picked it up during the summer months or else I would be jealous and mad at the amazing life Frances Mayes has created for herself in this beautiful area. I have a new goal and it is to somehow experience something like this laid back but prioritized lifestyle in my lifetime.

I can’t imagine someone who wouldn’t like this book but I am foodie, Italian, warm weather lover so I may be biased.

Shockingly, I saw the movie before I read this (no idea how that happened) and I definitely didn’t need it as a visual crutch because Mayes wrote everything so spot on.

Add something awesome to your summer and read this!


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