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“Winter Street” – Elin Hilderbrand

3.15 out of 4 stars.

Cut me some slack! I just finished two long books on World War II – I need a little bit of a breather and that is what I got from “Winter Street”. A book that is the definition of “chick lit” and sometimes that is okay. If you follow me you also know that I read Nicholas Sparks’ “See Me” a month ago as well. Nicholas Sparks is a God when it comes to chick lit. I got from “Winter Street” what I was hoping to get from “See Me” and that was a romance that was cute and contemporary. Unfortunately, while “See Me” fell short in that department, which you can read about why I think that is here – Hilderbrand lived up to her reputation for delivering the same thing time after time.

This book takes place during Christmas time which gives it extra points and it is set in the adorable village of Nantucket which doesn’t hurt. Already quaint and a pleasant read. It features Kelley Quinn, a father of four and all his grown-up children’s issues. He runs a money pit of an inn that throws a huge Christmas party every year. Unfortunately, the everyday drama continues when he finds his wife kissing the rented Santa Claus! Sounds silly and cheesy and that is what it is. The rest unfolds with all the “kids” sitting around the Christmas tree together trying to piece their lives together.

A quick, enjoyable, fluff read that does not teach you one lesson or help you grow but relaxes you and makes reading something that you can ease into at the end of the day. I enjoyed spending a few days with the Quinn family and I am surprising myself when I recommend this book. However, I think timing is everything. I would not pick this one up if you are looking for something to get lost in. It is pretty on the surface and nice for a break.IMG_1672



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