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“The Round House” – Louise Erdrich

3.45 out of 4 stars.

Interesting plot line.

In 1988 a North Dakota woman is attacked. Her name is Geraldine Coutts and she manages to get in her car after the incident and drive home. Her husband and son find her battered and beaten without a clue of what happened and Geraldine isn’t ready to talk about it either.

Geraldine is so scarred from the events that took place that she locks herself in her bedroom for weeks without saying any clues. There are reasons to believe that the crime took place on a Native American sacred place of worship that is nearby. Sadly, this makes an already grey case become even more sticky. Laws states that no white man can be prosecuted for a crime committed on a Native American land. This leaves Geraldine and her family feeling helpless and also in danger because if justice cannot be served it also means the possible attacker can strike again.

Joe, Geraldine’s son cannot stand his mother being in pain any longer and his life not returning back to normal. He decides to take matters into his own hands and try to deal with the criminal on his own.

This book reminds me of a Jodi Picoult storyline because it takes an unusual crimes and makes the reader try to understand the culture that surrounds the ordeal. If you like her books then I believe “The Round House” would be the next book option for you. The writing is a little bit more elevated than a Picoult so in return it can make the plot seem a little less easy to pick up on. Different strokes for different folks.

Although I am not personally familiar with the Native American history I enjoyed learning more about it. I can tell that Erdrich put in a large amount of research into making sure that she has realistic facts weaved throughout the book. It always makes me feel better when I am reading to know that I am not only entertained through the Dateline aspects but also educated through the sociology lessons. Best of both words – smart and savvy!

I will leave you with a picture of my dog, Sadie, hiding out from the attacker that tried to ruin Geraldine’s life.


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