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“While I was Gone” – Sue Miller

3.35 out 5 stars.

Similar plot line to “The Secret History” by Donna Tart.

Rough Outline for both While I Was Gone and The Secret History: A person trying to run away from their past enters into a circle of close knit friends that allow him/her to join. Secrets and lies begin to unfold and a murder happens. Once the chaos clears, the group breaks up. Now there is nowhere to run and they all must face their pasts and what they have become. Both stories leave the reader feeling confused of who to like in the book and who to not.

Let us stick to “While I Was Gone” and Jo Beckett a woman that was unhappy with her family and her marriage to her current husband Tom. She packs up one day and runs to Boston to become a waitress. She says nothing other than she needs time to think. With the help of an enchanting woman, Dana, that posts an ad for another roommate, Jo finds herself in a communal household with a cast of wacky characters. All except one, Eli Mayhew, were relaxed and eager to please each other. Mayhew was reserved and closed off. Jo falls in love with everyone and believes she is in the perfect place to have some happiness in her life. However, one day she walks home late after a shift to find one of her roommates dead on the floor.
Believe it or not that is just the beginning!

Please pick this book up and let me know what you think. My jaw dropped when I found out more details. The one note I have to point out though is that Miller’s writing is very sophisticated. Each issue that arises is very deep rooted. If you are looking for a classic suspense this is not it. It is very somber and moving.

Although the book is short in size it leaves the reader with a lot of questions about life. I suppose that is what should happen when you read of a death.

I chose this picture of Sadie below because she looks confused and sad which is what this book left me feeling.


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