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“The Nest” – Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

3.6 out of 4 stars.

An unexpected poignant book that you WILL finish in one or two sittings.

This book reminded me of Jonathan Tropper’s “This Is Where I Leave You”. Both books were based on families coming together that were normally estranged due to unfortunate events. In the case of “The Nest”, it is because Leo Plumb was doped up on drugs and was fooling around with a cocktail waitress in his moving vehicle when he got sideswiped. He made it out in decent shape but the waitress, Matilda, had to have her foot amputated. Know what that means? Lots of hush money to keep his name out of court. Unfortunately, Leo Plumb spent all his money during his messy divorce with his ex-wife, Victoria so he had no choice but to ask mommy dearest for the family’s trust fund that their father left behind to collect at a later date. The rest of the Plumb clan were all desperately waiting for this money to be dispersed to them and downgraded their struggles on that uplifting future note. However, you can imagine their surprise when they realized their deadbeat brother that gets away with everything is granted a fat check for his mistakes. The rest is the demise of the Plumb clan..

To the readers, this book is full with a great cast of characters. Every single one has their own spark and is appealing to read about. Also, I think it is a hidden fact that everyone loves reading about dysfunctional families because it makes them feel more sane and normal in comparison. The reader is gripped from the get-go with all the outlandish things happening page after page. This family cannot catch a break!

This book’s release date is end of March and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. I do warn that it is a bit on the fluff side. Which I don’t frown upon but it does hover the line of a book that cannot be taken too seriously. I would refrain if you are looking for a tale that is more compelling and moving. The way I received “The Nest” is that it is fun, light, and relatable.

Again, if you read this and enjoyed it – you should check out “This Is Where I Leave You” which is also very good.



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